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12 January 2013 @ 08:23 am
Author cocobaby347
Title: A Fool's Holiday (18/?)
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: College AU. Two haters of Valentine's Day meet in a bar. (I suck at summaries. I know.)
A/N: Cross-posted.
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( Wooyoung was this weird mix of prude and sexual deviant )
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19 October 2012 @ 09:54 am
Author: cocobaby347 
Title: A Fool's Holiday (17/?)
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: College AU. Two haters of Valentine's Day meet in a bar. (I suck at summaries. I know.)
A/N:  Guess who contracted SARS and found time to update in between their college schedule!

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“Handsy” didn’t even begin to describe Nichkhun.
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17 May 2012 @ 12:11 pm
Title: Naughty Morning
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
WordsCount: 890
Summary: Wooyoung got Fueled up when he kissed nichkhun passionately and the room filled with lust and romance. 
A/N: This is my first Smut ever, so please bear with my grammar and happy reading. that's all :)

Sunlight passing through the window and hitting the younger body, wooyoung woke up still hugging the man he love so much.”Morning hyung” nichkhun lean closer to the younger and peck his lips.

“Morning Baby”
“we have our day-off today right?”
“I have something”
“To be with you to whole day”

Nichkhun giggle a little and cuddle the younger’s body closer. “I love you” wooyoung raise his head up and peck nichkhun’s lips but the peck and becomes kiss because nichkhun arm wrap around the younger’s neck to deepened their kiss.

The ambiance of the room become romantic because of the passionate kiss of the two lover. After several seconds of hot French kiss, they mutually let go of each other, panting for oxygen. “Gosh, hyung you’re hot even in kiss” wooyoung said it and rest his head on the chest of nichkhun.

“I love you baby”
“I love you too hyung”

Nichkhun landed a kiss on the head of his lover and cuddle him closer.

“if this was only a dream, I would’ve prefer not to wake up anymore, just to stay with you hyung. I love you”

Wooyoung tighten the hug because he love so much the man lying next to him.


Flashing in the clock hanging on the wall. ‘Should we take our bath?” nichkhun ask his lover while caressing the hair, the younger slightly nodded his head, “5 more minutes, jebal?” wooyoung look up to his hyung with his cute little puppy eyes aegyo. “Ok, you’re so cute” khun pinch the right cheek of wooyoung.

Wooyoung lifted his body, now his on top of nichkhun. Nichkhun can only grunt on weight in him. The younger hold the wrist of nichkhun and lifted it up “What are you going do-“ before nichkhun  complete his sentence, he was shut by the lips of the other. It was hot and caring, the younger explore the others cavern, making his hyung moan between their kiss.

They kissed for almost half an hour, both eyes filled with lust already. Wooyoung release his grip from his hyung wrist and slid his hand on the waist line and cuddle him closer to deepened their kissed.

The room that was romantic already replace by hot lust by the two lover. Nichkhun hold the waist line of the younger who was top on him, they mutually parted on the lack of oxygen. “We will take our bath after we do this”  as wooyoung finish his sentence, his hand snaking on the back making a way to lift up the t-shirt revealing the best view of his hyung body. “Woo-ahhh” his words replace by moan when wooyoung kiss the jaw line into the neck making a faint trace line of saliva. He nibble the nipple of nichkhun making his hyung moan on the pleasure he receive. “Uh~ woo, please st-stop teasing m-me” nichkhun manage to say those words between his moan. Wooyoung didn’t oblige instead he continue doing his teasing way. Hyung member was already hard as rock on his boxer making a tent and making him uncomfortable and pain. Wooyoung notice his hyungs face making a discomfortable and he pulled the pajama as well as his pajama throwing it randomly. They only wearing is a pair of boxer. 

Wooyoung adjust his hips, they both moaned in unison as their hard member contacted. They younger hand snaking from sculpted abs through waist onto the clothed member, rubbing it up and down. “uhh~” nichkhun was now moaning mess, he bit his lower lips to stop from his louder moan but he was off guard when wooyoung pulled of the boxer and engulfed the wholed length, bobbing his up and down.

“Woo, I am so close.”

Nichkhun explode his white liquid on his lover’s mouth, swallowing it without wasting any of it “You’re tas-“ before wooyoung finish his sentence, Nichkhun flipped the younger body to make him under nichkhun. He trailed and planted a kiss all over the upper body while his hand making a way to the younger erected member, nichkhun nibble the neck onto jaw line going to the earlobe “It’s my turn baby, relax” He lick the back of the ear making wooyoung moan. He trailed and leaving a trace on the youngers neck onto the chest, playing the right nipple by his index finger while nibbling the left nipple, make wooyoung grunted and moan.

“Stop tea-teasing m-me ple-please?”

Nichkhun obliged his dongsaeng and start lowering his head, planting a kiss on every abs making sure that he kissed the upper body before he go lower. Nichkhun pulled down the boxer revealing the erected member, he gave it a experimental lick on the tip of it. “Please suck if off” the younger was begging for his hyung to engulf it, Nichkhun engulf the whole length bobbing and increasing his speed. Wooyoung throw his head back and arch his back because of the pleasure he take from his hyung. After some up and down motion, Wooyoung spurted his white hot liquid to his hyung mouth, nichkhun swallowed it all without wasting any of it and he lick his lips and lay his tired body besides his baby,

“I hope next time you want this before we take a bath”

Wooyoung giggle and nichkhun pulled the blanket covering their body and they take their rest.

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17 May 2012 @ 11:52 am
Title: Hidden Crush
Pairing Nichkhun and wooyoung
Summary: Wooyoung confess his feeling towards to nichkhun on the graduation day but nichkhun reject his confession, but one day they meet again seoul. do their feelings change? Read and Comment

After Wooyoung’s confession and Nichkhun’s rejection that afternoon, Wooyoung cried so hard all night long. He felt his heart was broken into pieces, but he still tried his best to understand Nichkhun’s act. His friend wasn’t a gay, so his reaction last time was reasonable. But still everything felt so painful when he realized that he couldn’t possibly meet Nichkhun again. His best friend must hate him now, that Thai boy must be disgusting with him now. He cried and cried until he fell asleep, hoped when morning came, his pain would be reduced a bit.

Since that time, Woyoung decided to disappear from Nichkhun’s life. He tried to forget his feeling towards the Thai. He studied so hard and finally he successfully received at the best universities in Seoul. He decided not to often go home when the holidays arrived because he wasn’t ready to meet Nichkhun or dealing with all of his old memories in his city. Wooyoung even deliberately never took part in every event his friend gathered with so many reasons just for the sake of avoiding Nichkhun.

It didn’t feel like three years had passed away. Wooyoung enjoyed his life in Seoul. But he didn’t dare to be in love again, although there was a man who cared with him as long as he lived in Seoul. But still Wooyoung didn’t dare to expect something called love. He always assumed that Junsu just cared him as a younger brother, nothing more.


Nichkhun’s POV

My mind was flying away to somewhere I don’t know. I could feel my heart is still beating every time I remember my meeting with Wooyoung last time ago. How could I being so stupid by asking him that silly question? Ahh, I hate myself..

I sigh heavily, turn up my head to see at the yellow sky above me. The Sun was already down the boundaries of the horizon, ready to be replaced by the moon. And here I am, in my high school football yard, sitting at the bleacher alongside the yard. I don’t know why I ran here after I met Wooyoung. All the things that stuck in my head are about my high school memories with him, and about the last time I saw him in our graduation day.

Ahh, that graduation day. The day I want to come back there as if I can do it. The day when I threw away Wooyoung’s feeling and became so evil to my best friend. I was so surprised and confused at that time. I was so surprised by knowing that Wooyoung had such that feeling toward me, and he was hiding it since our second year. And I was so confused with everything. I couldn’t love him back because I was a straight guy, and I had Yoona as my girlfriend. But I can’t deny, since Wooyoung left this city and lost from my life, I felt there was something also disappeared with him.

I realized that I missed my chubby boy, I missed his cheerful laugh, I missed his funny face when our small group tricked him, I missed his gentle gaze, and I really missed his embrace when I fell down and sad because everything  wasn’t going like my will. I missed everything about him every time I walked in front of our high school, in front of his house, in everywhere I ever spent my time with him.

After many tortured months, I finally understood that maybe during all this time I never had realized if Wooyoung’s existence beside me was made me felt completed. I never confessed that was love, but I confessed that I need Wooyoung with me for the rest of my time, and makes my day brighter.

As if Wooyoung knows, during these three years I always felt a great regret every time I remembered that I had made a person who loved me sincerely, and I loved too, finally cot away and lost from me because my own fault. Every day I always thought by myself, as if I could roll back time to our graduation day, I would replace all his pain with smiles.

I take a deep breath again, face palming myself. I don’t know whether I must be grateful or be sad, because after my long waiting, finally Wooyoung comes back to this town, and we finally met again. After so many prays I said before, and after hoping for so long time, he finally come. Now, what must I do?

I don’t dare to ask about his feeling towards me, I think he must be forgot it after my rejection. But deep inside my heart I really want to know, and I still hope he saved it although just a little. Yeah, I must ask him. It’s my turn. It’s my time to tell him about my feeling. I don’t want to regret everything again.

So, without thinking anymore I run to Wooyoung’s house. I want to meet him and tell him that I love him..


Noone POV

Wooyoung was talking on his phone when his mother opened his room’s door and smiled to him.

“Wooyoung, your friend is coming to meet you, so I bring him here for you,” she said to Wooyoung and then allowed the guy to step into the room. Wooyoung frowned when he saw Nichkhun smiled to his mother while she left him and close the door. Nichkhun just kept to stand in his place and smiled awkwardly to Wooyoung.

Wooyoung suddenly snapped out from his shock when he heard somebody called his name over the phone, and he realized if he had been in the middle of talking with Junsu before.

“Ahh Junsu hyung, my friend is coming. I’m sorry, I will call you again later… neh, bye..” he took off his phone and turned his attention into Nichkhun who looked at him with sly gaze.

“Ah hi Khun, what’s the matter bring you here?” Wooyoung smiled to him, sat at his study chair. He pointed to his bed, allowed Nichkhun to sit there.

Nichkhun smiled, looks a little nervous as he sat in front of Wooyoung on the edge of his bed. “I just want to meet you Woo. It’s been so long since we met for the last time right? And you never came back although just for spent your holiday.”

“Ahh yeah, it’s been so long. I was so busy with my college, so I decided to keep stay there.” Wooyoung tried to sound calm while inside his heart, it was beating so fast. He still felt awkward with Nichkhun after their last day together, after his stupid confession.

“So, was he your boyfriend?”

“Mwooh??” Wooyoung looked at Nichkhun with confused gaze, didn’t understand who was meant by Nichkhun as his boyfriend.

“I mean, was the guy, who you talked with in phone when I came in, your boyfriend?” Nichkhun repeated his question carefully. He rubbed his back head, a habit he always did every time he felt nervous.

Wooyoung immediately shook his head. “Aniyo, he just my senior in my college. He helped me a lot since my first day in college. He’s like my big brother now,” Wooyoung laughed a bit, felt disbelief with himself because he was talked too much about Junsu.

Nichkhun just nodded slowly. But Wooyoung could see his expression changed calmer than before. He could see Nichkhun’s gentle smile grew in his handsome face.

“How about you Khun? How’s Yoona, do you still with her?” Wooyoung turned the table into Nichkhun. Nichkhun just smiled a bit and shook his head.

“No Woo. I broke up with her not long after our graduation. I’m alone now.”

Wooyoung felt his heart raced faster, wondered why the latter broke up with the girl he really loved before. “Wae yo Khunnie? I think you were deeply in love with her. I still remember you said that you couldn’t live without her,” Wooyoung chuckled, remembered every words Nichkhun said about Yoona when they were in high school. Although inside Wooyoung still could his pain when he remembered about their past, but he tried his best to seem fine in front of Nichkhun.

In the other side, there’s a war inside Nichkhun’s mind. He wanted to tell Wooyoung about the real reason if they had broke up because of him, but he also felt so afraid if Wooyoung would reject him.

“Khun? Are you okay?” Wooyoung’s question made Nichkhun snapped out from his daydreaming.

“Ahh yes Woo, I’m okay,” Nichkhun smiled to convince the latter.

~Yes Khun, it’s the time. It’s your time to tell him about your feeling. Just do it, now or never!!~Nichkhun heard someone whispered inside his mind. He nodded slowly to himself, took a deep breath and looked at Wooyoung with stern face.

“Woo, I want to confess something to you.” Wooyoung looked at him with surprised, but he kept silent and ready to hear everything came out from Nichkhun’s mouth.  “The reason why I broke up was because my feeling has changed Woo. I realized that was not Yoona who I needed to be with me.”

“Wae yo? You said that you loved her.”

“Yes, I ever loved her madly. I did everything to get her as my girlfriend, and I got her in the end. I was so happy. But, I was wrong if I thought that I couldn’t fall in love with other people beside Yoona,” Nichkhun stopped a while, looked at Wooyoung who stared at him with serious face. “Yeah, I did that Woo, I realized if I was falling in love without I knew. And now, I can’t lie to myself anymore, if there was someone who I really wanted all this time Woo. I realized that my feeling toward Yoona wasn’t love, just an awe feeling. You’re the one who actually I love Woo, not Yoona.”

As Nichkhun ended his words, Wooyoung felt something hit his head and made him dumbfounded. He blinked his eyes in disbelief and looked at Nichkhun’s black orbs to find that he wasn’t joking around.

“But Khun, you rejected me before, when I confessed my feeling to you that day,” Wooyoung still looked at Nichkhun in disbelief. But his heart was beating so loudly, as if it could be heard by the whole word.

Nichkhun just smiled gently and touched Wooyoung’s cheek, caressed it gently. “I’m so sorry Woo, I’ve been so confused by your sudden act. I thought I was a straight boy, so how could I love you back? But everything seems different since that day, and I know that I’ve fallen in love with you without I expected before. During these three years, I was so regretted by reject you. You know, I always hope the time will roll back into our graduation day Woo, just to repair everything between us.”

“Khunnie, but..”

“Why Woo? Do you have a boyfriend now? Can’t you love me again?”

Wooyoung kept silent and still looked at the Thai boy in confuse way.

“Is there no more chance for me to fix everything? I know I've been so outrageous toward you before, not care about your feeling, even hurt you. But does your feeling have away now Woo?”

 “Khunnie.. I-I..”

“What Woo? Tell me, is your boyfriend has more everything more than me? Does he love you more than I do to you? Does your…”

Nichkhun’s words suddenly stopped when he felt Wooyoung’s lips pressed his lips gently. He frowned and looks at Wooyoung who smiled to him. “How can you change a lot Khun? Where’s your coolness? Where’s Nichkhun Horvejkul who had a high pride?” Wooyoung asked in low tone, and gave Nichkhun a questioned gaze. But Nichkhun could see a warm smile curled in his lips.

“I-I just don’t want to lose you again Woo, I don’t want to feel regret anymore..” Nichkhun took a deep breath and looked at Wooyoung’s black orbs.

“Paboo namja! If you become like this, do you still feel if I can reject you?” Nichkhun’s mouth slightly opened. He looked so confused. “I still loving you Khunnie, since we first met till now..” Wooyoung smiled again, his face blushed red.

Nichkhun couldn 't hold his happiness when he heard Wooyoung’s words. He immediately embraced Wooyoung and kissed his lips gently. He could feel love from every touch of their lips, and all of his regrets were vanished away. He let out Wooyoung’s lips and looked at Wooyoung’s eyes with loveliest gaze.

“So, I think I don’t need to back to our graduation day again?” Nichkhun grinned to Wooyoung.

But in surprised Wooyoung shook his head and looked at Nichkhun seriously, “No Khun, I think you are still need to come back at that time,” Wooyoung took a deep look at Nichkhun’s orbs. But suddenly he grinned naughtily when he saw Nichkhun frowned in front of him. “You still need to come back that time to bring me up my roses that you threw away before. That’s expensive you know!”

17 May 2012 @ 11:48 am

Title: Hidden Crush
Pairing Nichkhun and wooyoung
Summary: Wooyoung confess his feeling towards to nichkhun on the graduation day but nichkhun reject his confession, but one day they meet again seoul. do their feelings change? Read and Comment.

Wooyoung's POV

I walked out my house, want to feel the fresh air of this beautiful afternoon. It’s been so long since I left this city to continue my study in the capital three years ago. And now, I had long holiday, so I decided to spend my holidays in this city, back to my house that I missed so much.

I walked to the park not far from my house while enjoyed everything around me. They were seemed not change at all, still the same like when last time I saw. Everything in this city makes me remember everything, especially my memories when I was in my high school. I take a walk to the path I usually passed by through the school. It brings me some sweet, but bitter at the same time, memories about my last love. I sigh a bit and stretch my neck up to take a deep inhale for much oxygen into my lungs.


Suddenly I stop when I hear a familiar voice calls my name. And there standing a guy a meter away from me, he looks like just got out from the convenient store a minute ago. His face looks surprised, but shortly afterwards a warm smile grows on his face. He walks near me that still fixated on my place before.

 “Wooyoung, it’s you right?” he asks once again, makes me snap out from my frown.

“Ahh yeah, hi Khun. How are you?” my voice heard bit hoarse from my nervous. 

He reaches out his hand and smiles to me, and I grip his hand for reply, shake his hand with a tinge of nervousness. “Fine, how about you?” he shakes our hands, and I can feel my cheeks blush a little because his touch.

“Yeah, I’m fine too Khun,” I try my best to smile and let out his hand from my grip.

“It’s been s long since our last meeting, but I think your appearance is not change Woo. I still can know you easily,” he chuckles a little. I am stunned just by looking at his laugh, which is still remain the same as before. “I heard that you were accepted in the best college in capital, how’s your life there?”

“Ahh it was nice. I love the atmosphere of a big city, and I really enjoy my college’s life,” I smile to him.

“Then, you have a girlfriend now?” I look at him in surprised after I heard his question. How can he asks about that despite all of other question, like why I am in this city now, or have I heard the latest news about our other friends?  

And I see he also surprised by his question from his blushing face now. “Umm, I-I’m sorry Woo. I just want to know, a-and just forget. I think y-you don’t need to answer,”

Before I can say any words, Nichkhun immediately says goodbye to me and then walks away, hiding his still blushing face. I just look at him with confused. My heart is still beating so fast. A hidden feeling, that I've burried deeply inside my heart, suddenly break out, bringing some memories that still fresh stored in my mind. He’s Nichkhun, my high school’s best friend, also my high school’s crush..


Noone POV

Wooyoung was in his first of high school student when he met Nichkhun, a Thai boy who studied in same school with him. That was his first day when he got lost for finding his classroom when Nichkhun came to him and asked the location of his own classroom. He found that Nichkhun also found the same room with him and they laughed together when knew that they both were got lost from the same thing. They finally walked together to find their classroom because it was easier to found that if they worked together. After they found their classroom, soon they decided to share table together, became desk mate and each other’s first friend in this new school.

As time passed by, they became closer and Wooyoung found that Nichkhun is the best friend he ever had. Of course he also had many friends and all of them were so fun and kind to him, they like his brothers in the school, and they shared so much time together, included Nichkhun of course. But Wooyoung felt that Nichkhun was special. He felt something different with that Thai boy. Something that always made him felt so happy when he was with him, something that made his heart beat faster and faster every time Nichkhun touched him in friendly way. That feeling was so unfamiliar to Wooyoung but he found that it was nice, but sometimes made him confused.

Wooyoung was in his second year when he finally realized if it was love. His feeling towards Nichkhun during this that time was something called love. He liked Nichkhun more than likely to his other friends. He was fallen in love with Nichkhun. And he found that maybe his feeling was wrong since he thought that Nichkhun must be not a gay and Nichkhun might be left him if that Thai boy knew about his feeling. . Moreover, Wooyoung knew if Nichkhun had a crush in their school, with a very popular girl who was always been dreamed by every boy in the school.

Yeah Wooyoung really knew if Nichkhun was madly fallen in love with Im Yoona, a very beautiful, smart and friendly girl from Chansung’s class. Nichkhun always stalked her everywhere, tried his best to show his love to Yoona. He never gave up to asked everyone in his small group of friend to get some advice about his crush, many advices about how to win Yoona’s heart. And it always came to Wooyoung when Nichkhun was so stressful with his feeling towards Yoona, told the younger about how he loved her so much and how the feeling would kill him if Yoona rejected him.

Wooyoung was so happy knew that it meant Nichkhun trusted him more than his other friends, but in the other hand he was so heartbroken knowing it meant Nichkhun would never love him back. Wooyoung was the one who had falling in love with Nichkhun, but Nichkhun never realized it because he was too in love with other girl. It drove Wooyoung crazy.

Wooyoung intended not have another way to reach out his one side love, and he also didn’t want his friends knew that he was gay. For him at that time, his friends were everything and he didn’t want to lose them, especially Nichkhun. That's why he preferred to dwell, but still kept in Nichkhun’s side every time that Thai needed him, gave all of his love without ever pronounce it.

But time couldn't make Wooyoung endured forever, he was so madly in love with Nichkhun, and he couldn’t hide his feeling anymore, although he knew if Nichkhun never saw him as more than friend. But he could no longer kept silent, and he had to try even the odds against it was very small.

Finally, after their graduation ceremony, Wooyoung asked Nichkhun to meet him in the school’s backyard, in the place they were first met. Wooyoung brought Nichkhun a bunch of red roses.

“Wow, these roses for me? Omoo, thanks a lot Woo..” Nichkhun said surprisingly while Wooyoung handled the roses to him, grinned ear to ear happily. “You are so sweet by bringing me this as congratulation gift while I forgot to give you something. I’m so sorry,” he struck his hair, still with his happy grin in his face. Wooyoung just smiled awkward, feeling so confuse about confessing his feeling or not.

“Ermm Khun, it’s not a congratulation flowers,” Wooyoung could see Nichkhun’s confused gaze in his brown orbs. “I gave you those flowers to show my feeling toward you all this time Khun.”

“Wa-wait, what do you mean Woo?” Nichkhun started to feel awkward with the atmosphere between them. Wooyoung knew, he couldn’t move backward again, so he just moved ahead and took all the concequences he would get soon.

“Iloveyoukhun” Wooyoung said fast.

“W-what?!” Nichkhun confused, couldn’t hear it clearly. Wooyoung took a deep breath and tried to confess again, in a slow way this time.

“I love you Khun, I have been falling in love with you since our second year.”

Wooyoung stared at Nichkhun with full of fear, ready for everything that will happened. In front of him, Nichkhun was staring at him blankly, his mouth opened in confused way. Suddenly, Nichkhun threw the flowers to the ground, and without said any words, he left Wooyoung in dash. Left the younger boy in his heartbroken alone.

A sad smile curved in his lips, tears started to roll down at his cheeks. He knew it would happen, he really knew before he decided his action, but he didn’t know why his heart still ached? He walked slowly and left the backyard, buried all of his pains and his feeling deep inside his heart. Everything was end. Everything between him and Nichkhun would never be same again. And he was the one who broke all of this..


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03 May 2012 @ 01:54 am
Title: A Fool's Holiday (16/?)
Author: cocobaby347 
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Rating: PG-13
Summary: College AU. Two haters of Valentine's Day meet in a bar. (I suck at summaries. I know.)
A/N:  Cross-posted sorry if this blows up your feed.
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